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Programming Ideas: Fundraising Through Sponsorship

The Holy Grail of fundraising is a sponsorship.  This mutually beneficial relationship between your sport club tennis team and an interested business will ease your club's financial stress and positively promote the associated business.  The most efficient way to get your club noticed and hook a sponsor is to create a sponsorship packet that includes:

Introductory Letter
Personalize the greeting with the manager's or business' name.
    1st Paragraph: Breifly introduce your sport club tennis team and state that you are looking for support.
    2nd Paragraph: Provide more details about your club, including information on your season and where you play, number of participants and spectators, and club history.  Make sure to explain what a sport club is and the financial ramifications associated with this status.
    3rd Paragraph: Present a brief overview of available sponsorship opportunities and direct them to the enclosed Sponsorship Opportunities Sheet.
    Conclusion: Thank you!  Include your phone number and e-mail address.

Fact Sheet
Focus on the many successes of your program, including your team's history, past record, team and individual achievements, community outreach, etc.  Also include an image of the Tennis On Campus program on a nationwide scale that highlights the number of participants and growth trends of the sport.

Sponsorship Opportunities Sheet
This sheet answeres your prospective sponsor's questions of "How much?" and "What do I get?"  Provide a clear dollar value and description of what they will receive for each level of contribution.

Offer a sample program from one of your matches, computer generated T-shirt design, or picture of proposed banner to hang near your tennis courts with the business' logo on it.

Personally hand delivering your club tennis team's sponsorship packets and following up with these interested businesses will greatly increase your club's chances of landing a sponsorship amid the sea of other organizations on your campus.  Happy hunting!