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A Welcome Study Break

The total number of high school varsity tennis players in the U.S. can fill six 50,000-seat football stadiums.  But each year, only an amount equal to half of one of those stadiums go on to play varsity college tennis.  The majority stops playing tennis.

To keep these former high school players in the swing of thengs, the USTA, National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association, World TeamTennis, and Intercollegiate Tennis Association have partnered to offer the Tennis On Campus program.  Through this collaborative partnership, the program is gaining speed as it rolls into the spring semester.

The Tennis On Campus program features coed teams participating in intramural play and intercollegiate play on campuses nationwide.  In addition, the USTA currently works with approximately 300 universities and colleges to create or improve their intramural or sport club tennis programs.  Starting this year, each of the USTA's 17 sections will hold its own campus championship, with the winners moving on to the 2006 USTA National Campus Championship on April 20-22 at the University of Texas at Austin.  All of these events feature the World TeamTennis format, which promotes coed team play and culminates in a mixed-doubles finale.

Below are photos of most of the USTA Campus Championship - Section Event winners who, along with their respective runner-ups, have earned bids to represent their section at the 2006 USTA National Campus Championship.  Congratulations and good luck!

Caribbean, UPR - Mayaguez Eastern, Cornell Florida, UCF Hawaii, UH
1st: UPR - Mayaguez - A
2nd: UPR - Mayaguez - B
1st: Cornell - A
2nd: Cornell - B
1st: Univ. of Central Florida
2nd: Univ. of Florida
1st: Univ. of Hawaii - Manoa
Intermountain, Colorado Mid-Atlantic, Virginia Tech Middle States, Villanova Midwest, Michigan
1st: Univ. of Colorado
1st: Virginia Tech
2nd: Univ. of Virginia
Middle States
1st: Villanova
2nd: Penn State
1st: Univ. of Michigan
MO Valley, Iowa State Nor Cal, Stanford Northern, Minnesota PNW, Oregon
Missouri Valley
1st: Iowa State
2nd: Washington Univ.
Northern California
1st: Stanford
2nd: Univ. of San Francisco
1st: Univ. of Minnesota - A
2nd: Univ. of Minnesota - B
Pacific Northwest
1st: Univ. of Oregon
2nd: Portland State Univ.
So Cal, UCLA Southern, Georgia Southwest, Arizona Texas, Texas A&M
Southern California
1st: UCLA
2nd: USC
1st: Univ. of Georgia
1st Univ. of Arizona
2nd: Univ. of New Mexico
1st: Texas A&M
2nd: Univ. of Texas at Austin