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Remarkable Growth

This marks the first year ever that all 17 USTA sections have hosted a USTA Campus Championship - Section Event.  It's a remarkable feat considering 2004 saw only three such tournaments, and in 2005 there were only six.  This rapid growth is a testament to the success and advancement of every club tennis team around the country and the energetic and dedicated staff in all 17 USTA sections.

The USTA Campus Championship - Section Events were spawned from the USTA National Campus Championship.  However, that's not the only link between these events.  In 2006, the winner and runner-ups from every USTA Campus Championship - Section Event received an automatic berth into the USTA National Campus Championship.  Several sections also awarded travel stipends to these teams, assisting them in their journey to Austin, Texas, to represent their school and their section.

In addition to the growth of the USTA Campus Championship - Section Events, there has been a growth in regional Tennis On Campus leagues.  The five leagues currently in existence (Florida, Middle States, Midwest, Pacific Northwest, and Texas) all used the league results for seeding information at their respective USTA Campus Championship - Section Event, thus giving collegiate club tennis a seamless regular and post-season for the first time ever!

If you and your club are interested in starting or joining a league, please contact us at TennisOnCampus@usta.com.