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Tennis On Campus Shorts, 1

New Name, Same Game
The USA Team Tennis National Campus Championship has a new name: USTA National Campus Championship!  You will also see this name change reflected by your USTA Campus Championship - Section Events.  Below are a few rule changes for the USTA National Campus Championship that will help ensure that you are ready for Cary, N.C. next April:

  • Eligibility - All rostered players must have played in two events representing their team/school in the same academic year and prior to the USTA National Campus Championship.
  • Player Limitations - A rostered player may play in only two sets per match, whether as a starter or a substitute (excluding the Supertiebreaker).
  • Bid System - Automatic bids distributed to each of the 17 USTA Sections will be distributed in the following manner:
    • Section hosts a USTA Campus Championship - Section Event = 1 bid
    • USTA Campus Championship - Section Event hosts 6-10 unique schools = 2 bids
    • USTA Campus Championship - Section Event hosts 11-15 unique schools = 3 bids
    • USTA Campus Championship - Section Event hosts 16+ unique schools = 4 bids
    • "B" teams do not count toward unique schools total
    • 2 teams from 1 school may not secure more than 1 automatic bid for that school
    • Bid distribution will be based on previous year's USTA Campus Championship - Section Event unique schools total.
  • Selection Priority for USTA National Campus Championship
    • 1) USTA Campus Championship - Section Event automatic bid winners
    • 2) Schools that played in their respective USTA Campus Championship - Section Event
    • 3) At-large/first come, first serve (must have played at least two prior matches)

Wheelchair Inclusion
As the academic year begins and your club starts recruiting new members, the Tennis On Campus program wants to refresh your awareness of wheelchair inclusion in tennis.  Wheelchair tennis is one of the fastest growing and most challenging of all wheelchair sports.  The rules are the same as in stand-up tennis, except the wheelchair player is allowed two bounces of the ball.  As many of the participants at the 2006 USTA National Campus Championship learned from the able-bodied wheelchair tennis competition and wheelchair tennis exhibition match, it is difficult to master the skills of tennis while maintaining agile mobility in a wheelchair.  Reach out to your university's Office for Students with Disabilities and make inclusion a priority for your club today!

New Tennis On Campus Marketing Materials
The Tennis On Campus program has brand new customizable marketing materials available on CD now!  This CD includes individually customizable flyers, postcards, posters, and other support materials to make promoting your club tennis team or other recreational tennis program a breeze.  To get your hands on the hottest Tennis On Campus promotional materials around, contact your USTA Section's Tennis On Campus Coordinator.