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Billie Jean King's Tennis Tips, 4

Billie Jean King
Billie Jean King offers up some tips for Tennis On
Campus participants.
Reproduced courtesy of World TeamTennis.

Emotional strength in the game of tennis is everything.  From the pros down to the recreational player, finding ways to improve your emotional toughness gives you the advantage over your opponent.  Before you can really enjoy and be successful at tennis, you must conquer the fears and doubts in your mind.  When you lose a point, don't get down on yourself.  If you're nervous during vital points, hit up the middle until you get a shot you can finish for the point.  The worst thing you can do in a match is over-think.  Just play your own game until your opponent forces you to alter your plan.  A match in many ways is like going to school.  You're constantly learning more and more about your opponent, your game, and your emotional strengths.

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