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ITA Drill of the Month - August

Michael Center
Michael Center, head men's tennis coach, University
of Texas at Austin.
This fast-paced, fun doubles drill can accommodate numerous players on one court.  It has been provided by Michael Center, varsity men's tennis coach at the University of Texas.  Center has led Texas to the NCAA Championships all six years of his tenure and led the Longhorns to their highest final national ranking (No. 3 in 2006).

Put a team of two players on one baseline (the champs).  On the opposite baseline, you can have as many pairs as you like (the challengers).  A feeder stands behind the baseline with the champs and feeds a short ball so the first challenger doubles team has to come forward to hit an approach shot.  If the challengers win that point, the feeder gives them an overhead.  If the challengers win all three points, they replace the champs.  Play to 21 points, but a team can only score points when it's the champs.