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"Pinball" Drill

Cari Groce
Cari Groce, women's
varsity tennis coach
at Texas Tech.
Pinball DrillThe following drill has been provided by Cari Groce, women's varsity tennis coach at Texas Tech University and 2006 Professional Tennis Registry Coach of the Year. 

The Pinball Drill focuses on quick reflexes, solid footwork, and strong volleying while at net, and easily accommodates eight to 12 players on one court.  Three players spread out across the service line on both sides of the court.  The feeder, who stands at one net post, puts a ball into play and the six players play the point out until someone misses.  The player who misses immediately moves out and the remaining two players on that side of the court "bump" up one spot, away from those waiting to "bump" in.  (This line should be formed at the opposite net post from the feeder.)  The next person in line quickly pops into the free slot on the court and the feeder puts the next ball into play.  The game moves very quickly.  To add some variation to the game: speed up or alter the feed, make everyone call the ball (if a player doesn't call the ball they are out), etc.  Be creative, be on your toes, and have fun!

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