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2007-2008 USTA Campus Championship - Section Event Results

With each passing year, the USTA Campus Championship - Section Events get bigger, better, and more fun!  Just seven years ago there were no such events held on any campus; now there is one held in each and every USTA section.  Not only have the events grown in number, size, and quality, they are continually linked to the USTA National Campus Championship.  This year, 39 of the 64 teams competing in the USTA National Campus Championship will receive automatic bids through their USTA Campus Championship - Section Events.  Below you will find the winners of the USTA Campus Championship - Section Events pictured and the runners-up listed.  Congratulations to these teams, as well as to all that were able to participate in one of these awesome events!

USTA Campus Championship Photo

UPR - Mayaguez Syracuse
USTA Caribbean
Winner: University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez
Runner-Up: University of Puerto Rico - Ponce
USTA Eastern
Winner: Syracuse University
Runner-Up: Cornell University
USTA Florida
Winner: University of Florida
Runner-Up: Daytona Beach College
USTA Intermountain
Winner: Brigham Young University
Runner-Up: University of Colorado
Georgetown Penn State
USTA Mid-Atlantic
Winner: Georgetown University
Runner-Up: Virginia Tech
USTA Middle States
Winner: Penn State University
Runner-Up: Villanova University
Wisconsin Oklahoma
USTA Midwest
Winner: University of Wisconsin - Madison
Runner-Up: Northwestern University
USTA Missouri Valley
Winner: University of Oklahoma
Runner-Up: St. Louis University
Brown Minnesota
USTA New England
Winner: Brown University
Runner-Up: Harvard University
USTA Northern
Winner: University of Minnesota
Runner-Up: North Dakota State University
Berkeley U of Victoria
USTA Northern California
Winner: University of California - Berkeley
Runner-Up: University of California - Davis
USTA Pacific Northwest
Winner: University of Victoria
Runner-Up: University of British Columbia
Georgia UCLA
USTA Southern
Winner: University of Georgia
Runner-Up: Louisiana State University
USTA Southern California
Winner: UCLA
Runner-Up: University of California - Irvine
New Mexico Texas A&M
USTA Southwest
Winner: University of New Mexico
Runner-Up: Arizona State University
USTA Texas
Winner: Texas A&M University
Runner-Up: University of Texas at Austin