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"Overhead Scramble" Drill

Steve Wilkinson, head men's tennis
coach at Gustavus Adolphus College.
Overhead ScrambleThe following drill has been provided by Steve Wilkinson, head men's tennis coach at Gustavus Adolphus College.  Wilkinson was the recipient of the 2007 USTA/ITA Campus Recreation Award and was named ITA National Coach of the Year in 2003. 

In the Overhead Scramble drill, two players start on the baseline on one side of the net and two players start on the service line on the other side.  The drill is done using half of the court, so each pair lined up across from each other will work together.  The baseliners start the drill by hitting a high and deep defensive lob - not a topspin offensive lob - to the person directly ahead of them.  The net player should retreat to hit the lob.  The baseliner then hits a dipping ball at the net player's feet.  The net player is not allowed to let the ball bounce.  The drill continues with this patter, which emphasizes retreating in the court to hit defensive lobs and then recovering quickly to the net.  Intensity can be maintained by feeding in extra balls after each miss - either by the players or a coach.  The net players continue until exhausted and then switch positions with the baseliners.

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