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University of New Mexico Club Tennis Team
The University of New Mexico Club Tennis Team takes pride in
their community outreach efforts in the Alburqueque area.
For members of the University of New Mexico Club Tennis Team, serving isn't always about kicking off the next point.  It's also about outreach, as they serve the community by sharing the game they love.

On campus, UNM’s 50 club tennis team players meet every Monday and Saturday for practice. “On Saturday, everybody hits around and gets to know each other,” says club president Daniel Gabioud, a junior. On Mondays, practices are more technical and tend to attract advanced players. “We have hoppers out,” he says, “and we practice serving, footwork and drilling.”

Becky Lee, a USTA Southwest Section Tennis Service Representative in Northern New Mexico, played a vital role in the creation of the UNM club tennis team, getting in touch with interested students on campus. She still spends plenty of time with the squad, visiting practices. "We've always had really good players at UNM, the high school players that might have walked on to college tennis but were more focused on their academics," she says. "If they want to concentrate on academics, the club team is a great way for them to play competitive tennis without having to worry about the (varsity) training."

Off campus, the UNM squad takes pride in its community outreach efforts. “We have numerous players who help out with high school junior varsity teams and middle school teams, and also help out with clinics around town,” says Gabioud. “It’s nice to be part of a larger tennis community in Albuquerque.”

Tony Heames Coaching (300)
Tony Heames, former UNM Club Tennis Team president and
current graduate student, played varsity high school tennis on
a USTA no-cut high school program and coached the JV and
C-Team divisions of his old high school while on the club team
at UNM.
A number of UNM club tennis team players coach local high school junior varsity no-cut teams, which do not turn away any student who wants to play. Past club president Tony Heames, now a UNM grad student, played on the varsity squad of a no-cut team at La Cueva High School in Albuquerque. While at UNM, he coached that team’s Junior Varsity and C-team divisions. “Coaching these teams made me realize that tennis was something these kids enjoyed,” says Heames. “Many of these players actually turned into great players who now play varsity tennis, which would not have been possible if we would have cut.

“The program is great and really encourages people to play tennis. I am a true believer in the no-cut policy for tennis.”

A true believer in the value of what the UNM Club Tennis Team means to Albuquerque’s youth is Suzanne Jollensten, chair of the USTA Schools Committee and organizer of the middle school and junior varsity high school tennis leagues in New Mexico for which the club members volunteer. “The club players are great role models for our young players,” she says.

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