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Advanta World TeamTennis Business Scholarship

Advanta WTT Business Scholarship For College Students
World TeamTennis will grant $5,000 to two young entrepreneurs (one $2,500 grant for a man and another $2,500 grant for a woman) who submit a business proposal that can be effectively used to help expand WTT profitability.  Specifically, the proposal should focus on non-traditional marketing techniques that could be used to increase awareness of WTT and WTT events, thereby expanding the fan-base and ultimately increasing revenue.

Who Should Apply?
All students currently enrolled in college are eligible to submit a proposal, but the challenge is specifically targeted at business majors and/or young entrepreneurs.  One male and one female will each be awarded a $2,500 grant.

Advanta World TeamTennis ScholarshipWhat Should Be Included In The Application?
Advanta WTT is looking for one of the two following formats as way of a proposal:

1) A traditional business proposal of approximately 3,000 words which would take the following format:
     A. Cover Letter
     B. Summary Of Proposal
     C. Narrative To Include:
          - Project description
          - Brief state of area being addressed
          - Goals and objectives
          - Target population
          - HOW this project will be implemented
          - Plan for measuring project results
          - Estimated costs
          - Conclusion, to include: benefits for WTT and why your idea, specifically, will be successful

2) A non-traditional proposal of your choice.  This can include an explanatory DVD, a link to a sample website, or anything else you think would be appropriate.

Submitting Your Application
The proposal is due by noon on July 1, 2009.  You can submit your proposal via e-mail to nchu@wtt.com.  If you have any questions, please contact Bill Mountford at WTT.

You may submit an application on behalf of a group, or even as a pair (perhaps a study partner from a business course, for example).  If a group wins this award, the scholarship will be divided evenly among the students and/or organization that they represent (i.e. a Tennis On Campus program).  There should be a "captain" for each group submission, however.

The applications will be reviewed by World TeamTennis staff.

Winners will be notified by August 1, 2009.

Dowload The Full Scholarship Application

Have A Great Story To Share?
Do you or your club tennis team have a great story to share?  We'd love to hear about it - we're always looking for ways to promote you and your club tennis team in both local and national media outlets (i.e. magazines, newspapers, online sources, etc.).  Just fill out our Club Tennis Team Media Questionnaire and e-mail it to tennisoncampus@usta.com.  We'll do the rest!