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Back To School Checklist

USC Tennis Player - 2009 USTA National Campus Championship
Are you and your college club tennis team ready for the 2009-
2010 Tennis On Campus season?
As you and your college club tennis team prepare to go back to school, make sure you're ready to hit campus serving and volleying.  Follow the checklist below and you and your teammates will be ready to tackle the upcoming Tennis On Campus season:

¨ Tennis On Campus News
¨ TennisOnCampus.com Profile
¨ Media Questionnaire
¨ Social Media
¨ Flickr
¨ Link to TennisOnCampus.com
¨ Other Tennis On Campus Events
¨ Resources
¨ Tennis On Campus Section Coordinators

þ Tennis On Campus News
Register to receive the Tennis On Campus News - and encourage your teammates to do the same!  The Tennis On Campus program uses this monthly newsletter to communicate vital program information, exciting news articles, exclusive merchandise discounts, college club tennis tournament updates, and all other relevant information.  Register today and stay up-to-date with the Tennis On Campus program!
þ TennisOnCampus.com Profile
The Tennis On Campus program is proud of all of our College Club Tennis Teams.  If your team has a profile on our site, we need your updated information (i.e. team contact information, team picture, etc.) - please fill out the TennisOnCampus.com Team Profile Form with updated information.  If your team isn't yet represented on our site, all you have to do is fill out the TennisOnCampus.com Team Profile Form and we'll do the rest!
þ Media Questionnaire
We want to get you and your college club tennis team some press!  Do you have a great story to share?  We'd love to hear about it - we're always looking for ways to promote you and your club tennis team in both local and national media outlets (i.e. magazines, newspapers, online sources, etc.).  Just fill out our Club Tennis Team Media Questionnaire and e-mail it to TennisOnCampus@usta.com.  We'll do the rest!
þ Social Media
Now you can connect with the USTA Tennis On Campus program through Facebook and Twitter!
Become a fan on Facebook!
Follow us on Twitter!
þ Flickr
Do you want to see your Tennis On Campus pictures featured on www.TennisOnCampus.com?  It's easy - just follow the Flickr Instructions and you could see yourself and your teammates on our homepage!
þ Link To TennisOnCampus.com
Does your college club tennis team website link back to TennisOnCampus.com?  Let everyone know that you're associated with the coolest tennis program around by adding a link to TennisOnCampus.com on your website.  Text links are awesome, and if you want to get fancy you can use our Website Banner Ads, too!  We've made three sizes available for all of your needs:
Website Banner Ad - 160 x 600
Website Banner Ad - 300 x 250
Website Banner Ad - 728 x 90
þ Other Tennis On Campus Events
Is your college club tennis team hosting a large tournament during the 2009-2010 academic year?  E-mail the event name, event date(s)host team, primary contact with e-mail address, and a link for more information to TennisOnCampus@usta.com and we'll post it on our Other Tennis On Campus Events page.  If your team is looking for additional play opportunities, this is where you can find the action!
þ Resources
The Tennis On Campus program has several free resources available for college club tennis teams.  Whether you're looking to start a college club tennis team (Guidebook), market your club (Customizable Marketing Materials), fundraise (Fundraising Resources), or do anything else, our Resources will help you get the job done right!
þ Tennis On Campus Section Coordinators
Do you know who your Tennis On Campus Section Coordinator is?  Have you reached out to them to updated them on your team and the upcoming year?  Drop them a line today - you can find their contact information here.