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Pitt Club Tennis Team Hosts RCW


University of Pittsburgh Club Tennis Team
The University of Pittsburgh Club Tennis Team hosted an RCW
and used it to raise over $700 for their college club tennis
No matter what demographic they serve, USTA programs share a common goal – to promote and develop the growth of tennis. Today, initiatives like Tennis On Campus and Recreational Coach Workshops are proving perfectly compatible in their efforts to realize that goal.

Inspired by a suggestion from a former Tennis On Campus player, the University of Pittsburgh Club Tennis Team hosted a USTA Recreational Coach Workshop (RCW). They used the workshop as a team fundraiser, to supplement university funding and other resources that they use for traveling and tournament fees.

A Recreational Coach Workshop is an interactive, on-court training program for tennis teachers and coaches working with recreational-level players. The six-hour workshop is taught by a certified teaching professional, and covers ways of teaching tennis to large groups, running effective team practices, the game-based approach to coaching, the QuickStart Tennis format, and “The Top 10 Games Every Coach Should Know.”

As vice-president of the club tennis team at the time, Porter coordinated the event with the help of the certified pro that provided the training. Porter says the RCW his team hosted was “very hands on.”

RCW Participant
Recreational Coach Workshop
participants learn ways of teaching
tennis to large groups, running effective
team practices, the games-based
approach to coaching, the QuickStart
Tennis format, and "The Top 10 Games
Every Coach Should Know."
“(The RCW) is a great place to start if you want to pursue a coaching career,” he says.

Almost half of the RCW participants were University of Pittsburgh Club Tennis Team members. “I think there are definitely quite a few members of our team who have an interest in teaching tennis,” says Porter. “A lot of people have found summer jobs teaching tennis.”

Recreational Coach Workshops are also a great resource for experienced teachers who are looking to learn more about current tools and methods for coaching and teaching the sport. In addition to the on-court training, workshop participants receive additional coaching resources, including books and modified tennis balls.

With help from a member of the USTA Middle States section staff, the University of Pittsburgh RCW attracted local citizens, establishing meaningful connections between the students and the community. “When a college club tennis team hosts a Recreational Coach Workshop, they have the ability to not only give back to the college community but also the greater public community surrounding the institution,” says David Ritter, USTA National Manager for Recreational Coaches. “It provides an opportunity for the students to reach out to the after school providers, the boys and girls clubs, the middle and high school coaches, and others, providing a coaches training opportunity that will enhance the abilities of all who attend.”

The team charged a $20 participation fee for the six-hour workshop. Additionally, for every participant who attended the RCW and filled out an evaluation, the USTA provided the team with financial reimbursement. With 28 participants, the successful event brought in approximately $700 for the team.

Along with the potential for financial resources to help keep teams competing and traveling, hosting a Recreational Coach Workshop provides collegiate club tennis players with the skills to continue improving their own game and introduce their peers to the sport.

“After attending a workshop, the participants will gain valuable tips for games that can be used in their practices that will allow further development in the sport,” says Ritter. “As a former college tennis coach, I remember my players having friends that they would like to introduce to playing the sport. With the material covered in the workshop, the club players will walk away armed with simple methods to bring their friends into the game.”

“Tennis On Campus is a great program,” says Ritter. “A natural extension to help the team, community and individuals is through hosting a Recreational Coach Workshop.”

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