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Update Or Upload Your College Club Tennis Team

College Club Tennis Team Map
Are you and your college club tennis team listed?  Is your
information up-to-date?  Now is the time to check!
The Tennis On Campus program is proud of all of our college and university program sites.  As you're most likely already aware, our College Club Tennis Teams page serves as a directory for the Tennis On Campus program.  It's a place where club leaders and participants can showcase what their team is all about, where high school players and parents can get information and get connected to the club tennis team at their future college, and where clubs can connect with each other to schedule matches and share ideas.

With the new start of a new school year there is most often turnover in the leadership of a club.  Take a few minutes to check your college club tennis team's profile page and make sure that the most up-to-date contact information is provided, along with any other changes to the page (i.e. new team picture, updated team accomplishments, etc.).  If your team needs to make any updates, have your club president fill out the Team Profile Form and e-mail it to tennisoncampus@usta.com.  When sending in the team profile form, it's important to include a high resolution team photo, college mascot photo, and college logo.  We also ask that your club president send us an excel sheet of your team's e-mail contacts to register them for the Tennis On Campus News to make sure the entire team is apprised of the latest news, events, and special offers from the Tennis On Campus program.

If you don't see your college club tennis team on our map or listed on the College Club Tennis Teams page, have your club president complete the exact same information as requested above so we can get your team represented as part of the Tennis On Campus network!

If you are looking to start a new Tennis On Campus program, e-mail us at tennisoncampus@usta.com and make sure to check out our Resource Page.  After you get the program started, we can then include you and your team on the College Club Tennis Teams page.