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Q&A With Steven Azeka

California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo Club Tennis Team's Steven Azeka took some time to talk with the Tennis On Campus program.  Check out what the 2009 USTA Tennis On Campus Leader of the Year Award recipient had to say below:

Steven Azeka and Billie Jean King
2009 USTA Tennis On Campus Leader of the Year, Steven
Azeka, from Cal Poly with tennis legend and humanitarian,
Billie Jean King at the 2009 USTA National Campus
TOC: What do you think was the most important thing you did to help your Tennis On Campus program?
Azeka: “The most important thing I did to help the TOC program was adding a committee. We didn’t have a central area where we could all get together and share ideas; with the committee we’ve really been able to improve the program.”

TOC: What is your favorite aspect of the Tennis On Campus program?
Azeka: “The best part by far is meeting new people. No matter what the score, whether we win or lose, I still get to meet great people.”

TOC: Your Club Tennis Team does a lot of work in the community.  What has been your favorite community service project thus far?
Azeka: “Working with the inner city kids in LA. I love working with kids so that was a great experience for me.”

TOC: What is your team planning to do in the community in the next several months?
Azeka: “Our next community service project is going to be Tennis for Kids Day. We are trying to open it up to not just one day, but to any day so that more kids get the opportunity to play.”

TOC: Will you continue playing tennis after college? If so, what do you plan on doing?
Azeka: “Definitely, once I graduate I hope to play USTA League Tennis, but I’ll definitely try to stay in college as long as I can.”

TOC: What are the biggest challenges in running your Tennis On Campus program?
Azeka: “The biggest challenge is getting new teams to join. It’s difficult and can be a huge hurdle at times but once we get started everything just falls into place.”

TOC: What advice would you give to other Tennis On Campus club tennis teams?
Azeka: “I would tell them that the most important thing to do is to continuously grow the program. There are always things that can be improved or tournaments that can run smoother, but overall we need to make an effort to grow the program.”

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