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Archived College Club Tennis News, 2006

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Archived College Club Tennis News, 2006
12/11/2006 Tennis On Campus News - Winter 2006 (pdf)
12/11/2006 Game, Set, Touchdown
12/11/2006 USTA Supports Student Leadership
12/11/2006 "Battle in the Trenches" Drill
12/11/2006 Billie Jean King's Tennis Tips, 3
12/11/2006 Tennis On Campus Shorts, 2
12/11/2006 Fall 2006 Tennis On Campus Tournament Highlights
12/7/2006 Club Tennis Debuts In College (The Collegian)
11/30/2006 Tennis Club Started At SJSU (Spartan Daily)
11/16/2006 Women On Club Tennis Ready For Nationals (Technician)
11/10/2006 Club Tennis Slices Competition (Trinitonian)
10/9/2006 Tennis On Campus News - Fall 2006 (pdf)
10/9/2006 Do You facebook?
10/9/2006 NIRSA Member Blends Tennis Pyramid
10/9/2006 Tennis On Campus Shorts, 1
10/9/2006 "Olympics" Drill
10/9/2006 Billie Jean King's Tennis Tips, 2
10/9/2006 ITA All-Stars to Receive Star Treatment
6/8/2006 UCF Student Lifts Campus Program To New Heights (St. Petersburg Times)
5/8/2006 Tennis On Campus News - May 2006 (pdf)
5/8/2006 Portrait of a Champion
5/8/2006 Making the Grade
5/8/2006 Programming Ideas: Summer Tennis Options
5/8/2006 2006 USTA National Campus Championship Recap
4/27/2006 Tennis Team Competes In College Championships (The Marquette Tribune)
4/24/2006 University Of Michigan Grabs Third At USTA National Campus Championship (USTA Midwest)
4/10/2006 Tennis On Campus News - April 2006 (pdf)
4/10/2006 Remarkable Growth
4/10/2006 That Championship Series Season
4/10/2006 2006 USTA/NIRSA Tennis Ace Awards
4/10/2006 A Great Example
4/10/2006 Billie Jean King's Tennis Tips, 1
4/10/2006 Programming Ideas: Smooth Leadership Transitions
4/9/2006 Club Tennis Is For Fun And Games (The Michigan Daily)
3/6/2006 With No Coach, Little Budget, Iowa State Tennis Club Qualifies For Nationals (News Service: Iowa State University)
3/6/2006 Tennis On Campus News - Spring 2006 (pdf)
3/6/2006 Welcome
3/6/2006 Field of Dreams
3/6/2006 Big Man on Campus
3/6/2006 Little Things Mean a Lot
3/6/2006 Programming Ideas: Fundraising Through Sponsorship
3/6/2006 The "N" Drill
3/6/2006 A Welcome Study Break
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