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USTA Facility Assistance Program

The USTA Facility Assistance Program was created to help make your community’s tennis facility dreams become reality! The goal of the program is to provide communities access to safe, appealing and functional tennis environments - this includes your college campus!

The program is comprised of three main areas of assistance: 
    1. Advocacy 
    2. Technical 
    3. Financial

How does the Tennis On Campus program and your college club tennis team fit into all of this?
    • Lead the effort to repair sub-par tennis courts on your campus
    • Lead the effort to expand existing tennis facilities on your campus 
    • Incorporate the QuickStart Tennis play format on existing tennis courts on your campus
        • QST uses smaller courts (36' & 60'), shorter nets, and lighter balls that make playing tennis easier
        • QST is designed for 10 and Under Tennis, which creates potential revenue streams for your club
        • QST is a great way to introduce fellow students on your campus to the sport of tennis
        • QST is a great new format for intramural college tennis

What can you and your college club tennis team do?
    • Complete the USTA Facility Assistance Form - doing this formerly engages your campus with our team
    • Paint blended 36' and/or 60' tennis lines for the QST play format (see photo galleries)
    • Talk to your recreational sports department and/or athletic department about facility upgrades

Are you looking for great ways to fundraise or increase support for your college club tennis team?  After you paint blended lines on your college's tennis courts you can:
    • Begin a 10 and Under Tennis summer camp
    • Begin a 10 and Under Tennis weekly clinic
    • Host a Campus Kid's Day using the QuickStart Tennis play format 
    • Host a Recreational Coach Workshop

The USTA Facility Assistance program is here to help you and your campus.  Whether it's repairing your cracked courts, adding blended lines to your existing courts, or constructing a new tennis facility we can help.  Simply complete the USTA Facility Assistance Form to get started with advocacy, technical, and financial support today!

QST Challenger Event (300) Varsity Play on Blended Lines (300)
Youth participate in 10 & Under Tennis with the QuickStart
A college tennis program plays top-notch tennis on tennis
courts with 60' blended lines.