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Tennis On Campus Alum Scores with Career in Tennis

We know our Tennis On Campus participants have a passion for tennis, but did you know that your participation could help lead you to a career in tennis?

Travis Bertram is just one example of turning his Tennis On Campus experiences into a globetrotting lifestyle as a teaching professional. He attended Western Washington University and was an active member of the Vikings Tennis On Campus club team. Currently he is working at the Willingdon Sports Club in Mumbai, India, for Peter Burwash International, an international tennis management company.

Read below to check out a written testimonial from Travis Bertram about his experiences:

PBI Travis Bertram (300)
Tennis On Campus Alum, Travis Bertram, is all
smiles while working as a tennis pro in Austria.
“ While attending Western Washington University, I was an avid member of the WWU USTA Tennis on Campus team. I loved participating in Tennis on Campus because it allowed me to pursue one of my passions (tennis), exercise, meet new people and travel to other colleges and universities. Because of Tennis on Campus, I decided that tennis could be my career. After numerous interviews at clubs throughout the Pacific Northwest and California, I was disappointed to find out that there were limited opportunities. While I had a thirst to learn and grow, I had little or no experience within the industry.

I discovered Peter Burwash International (PBI) through the USTA and was amazed to learn that PBI would train me, allow me to travel, trust me with an extensive clientele, but most of all, continue my education in a unique way. Since joining PBI in 2006, I have had an opportunity to work at some of the most exclusive clubs and resorts in the world. During my career, I've catered to some of the world's elite at several five star resorts as well as service special needs groups and the under privileged. PBI has offered me a chance to learn more about tennis, international business, service and hospitality, but more than that, I have learned what it means to be a good person and serve everyone equally.

I'm thankful to be a part of PBI and to have had the chance to travel/live in places like Costa Rica, Austria, and now India. I'm thankful to have met many incredible people who have enriched my life, and I'm thankful to be able to share all that I've learned from Peter and the PBI pros with the customers who frequent those PBI facilities where I have been stationed.”

Like Travis, many Tennis On Campus alumni continue to follow the tennis pathway post-graduation, working as teaching professionals, in sports marketing, club management positions, or working at the United States Tennis Association. Want to pursue a career in tennis? Then visit www.careersintennis.com to see the numerous opportunities available within the tennis industry. If you are interested in pursuing a professional tennis teaching opportunity where you get to navigate the globe, check out Peter Burwash International for more information.

PBI Pro Group (300)
Peter Burwash International tennis professionals gearing up for a typical days work.