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Resolutions You Can Keep

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Get Moving – Tennis On Campus is a great way to get moving and shed some of those holiday pounds! Instead of sitting around feeling guilty about overindulgence, coordinate with your teammates to get on the courts and get yourself working out!

Expand Your Club Team – Check out our resources page where you’ll find our customizable creative templates for posters, flyers, web banners, etc. Spread the word about your program & your numbers will grow!

Don’t Make Cuts - Being a club that accepts players, rather than judging their ability, is one of the cornerstones of the program. Tennis On Campus was, after all, founded as an alternative to the varsity tennis team, so make yours as different from that program as possible. Welcome students of varying levels, and you'll find yourself with a lot more potential than you ever dreamed.

Attend a Section Championship or Other Event – Show other schools what your club team is made of by participating in a Tennis On Campus Section Championship or other event! Show your school pride and help spread the word about your team! Check out the schedule of events.

Get Connected with Other Club Leaders – Learn how to better your team by finding out what works well for others.  Connect with club leader from other schools and share best practices / tips. Who knows, you might find out something really great & make a lasting friendship in the process.

Get Involved – Make a difference in your local community by getting involved. Organize a tennis program where your team works with youth in town. Teach others about the sport of a lifetime and be rewarded with a warm, fuzzy feeling that also looks great on a resume. 

Have A Great Story To Share?
Do you or your club tennis team have a great story to share?  We'd love to hear about it - we're always looking for ways to promote you and your club tennis team in both local and national media outlets (i.e. magazines, newspapers, online sources, etc.).  Just fill out our Club Tennis Team Media Questionnaire and e-mail it to tennisoncampus@usta.com.  We'll do the rest!