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2012 USTA Tennis On Campus Spring Invitational Results

University of Arizona - 2012 Spring Invite Champs
The University of Arizona defeated the University of Texas - Austin
to claim the 2012 USTA Tennis On Campus Spring Invitational.

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2012 USTA Tennis On Campus Spring Invitational

Thirty-two teams from twenty-seven schools participated in the 2012 USTA Tennis On Campus Spring Invitational which took place April 20-22nd at the Reffkin Tennis Center in Tucson, Ariz. 

The University of Arizona defeated the University of Texas - Austin 23-21.  Both teams have now officially qualified for the 2013 USTA Tennis On Campus National Championship which will take place in Surprise, Ariz.

Dartmouth College defeated the University of San Diego 25-19 to secure third place.  Illinois Institute of Technology won the Sportsmanship Award.

2012 USTA Tennis On Campus Spring Invitational
Date: Venue: Contact:
April 20-22, 2012
Reffkin Tennis Center
Tucson, Arizona
Meghan Houk at (520) 791-4896
Final Standings

1st - University of Arizona
2nd - University of Texas at Austin
3rd - Dartmouth College
4th - University of San Diego
5th - University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (A)
6th - Simon Fraser University
7th - University of California - Irvine
8th - University of California - San Diego (A)
9th - California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo
10th - University of New Mexico (A)
11th - University of California - San Diego (B)
12th - Florida Gulf Coast University
13th - Loyola University Chicago
14th - Washington University - St. Louis
15th - Colorado State University
16th - University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
17th - Colorado School of Mines
18th - California Polytechnic State University (B)
19th - University of Minnesota (B)
20th - Northern Arizona University (A)
21st - Oregon State University
22nd - Northeastern University
23rd - Texas State University
24th - Northern Arizona University (B)
25th - University of Miami
26th - University of New Mexico (B)
27th - University of Connecticut
28th - University of South Dakota
29th - University of Wisconsin - Stout
30th - Arizona State University
31st - Illinois Institute of Technology
32nd - Central Washington University

Spring Invitational Bid Policy

The two (2) unique schools that win a bid from the Spring Invitational will be invited to the USTA TOC National Championship the following academic year. 
These schools will also be required to participate in their respective  TOC Section Championship the following academic year in order to  “activate” their national bid.

If during the following academic year the school also becomes eligible for a bid from their TOC Section Championship, the invitational bid will take priority.

If schools are eligible for stipend money from their TOC Section Championship (based on the order of their finish), the USTA National office will match that stipend amount.

The Section office would pay the allotted stipend money to the Invitational bid winners from their section and be reimbursed by the USTA National office.

If a school finishes first in both the Invitational and their TOC Section Championship, their team photo for each respective event would be in included in the tournament program for the USTA TOC National Championship.

If one or both of the schools fail to meet the standards to “activate” their participation at nationals, then the 3rd place team (and subsequently 4th place team) from the Spring Invitation would be contacted for participation and eligibility.  If these teams failed to meet standards, then the bids would go back to the national championship to be distributed at the tournament director’s discretion. 

All NIRSA NCCS eligibility requirements for players will need to be met.

Schools must have participated in their TOC Section Championship during the current academic year to be eligible for participation and registration in the Spring Invitational event.  (noted exception:  Rocky Mountain Regional – Intermountain).

USTA Tennis On Campus Spring Invitational Past Champions
2012 - University of Arizona
2011University of California - San Diego
2010 - University of California - San Diego

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