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2013 Back To School Checklist


Are you and your college club tennis team ready for the 2013-
2014 Tennis On Campus season?
Housing - check!  Books - check!  Tennis - hmmmmm...  Follow the checklist below and you and your teammates will be ready to hit campus serving and volleying for the upcoming 2013-2014 Tennis On Campus season!

¨ Facebook & Twitter
¨    Get Your Gear On
¨ TOC Fall Invitational
¨ Other TOC Events
¨ Eligibility Rules & Guidelines
TOC News
¨ TennisOnCampus.com Profile
¨ Free Resources
¨ TOC Section Coordinators

þ Facebook & Twitter
Connect with the USTA Tennis On Campus program through Facebook and Twitter!  "Like" and follow us now to make sure you don't miss out on exciting Tennis On Campus oopportunities, exclusive merchandise discounts, college club tennis tournament updates, and more!
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þ Get Your Gear On
There's no better time than the fall to get your team looking sharp with new uniforms, shoes or whatever else you need.  Take advantage of the 15% discount from Tennis Warehouse.  Register for the discount by clicking on the Tennis Warehouse ad or by clicking here.  If your team is looking to place an order, please call the Teams Department - 888-466-1188 - so they can give you the best available pricing.  Get loaded up for the fall and look great all season long.
þ TOC Fall Invitational
The USTA Tennis On Campus program is excited to host its 3rd annual Tennis On Campus Fall Invitational!  The TOC Fall Invitational will be held at the beautiful Palmetto Tennis Center in Hilton Head, SC on October 11-13, 2013.  This tournament is limited to the first 32 teams to register from all corners of the country (including "B" teams) for three days of competitive tennis and great fun!  Click here to learn more and enter now!
þ Other TOC Events
Is your college club tennis team hosting a large tournament during the 2012-2013 academic year? E-mail the event name, event date(s), host team, primary contact (with e-mail address), and a link for more information to TennisOnCampus@usta.com and we'll post it on our Other Tennis On Campus Events page.

If your team is looking for additional play opportunities, this is where you can find the action!
þ Eligibility Rules & Guidelines
Are you unsure of either your eligibility or that of another player?  Don't worry.  We've got your covered.  Check out our Eligibility Rules & Guidelines. 
þ TOC News
Register to receive the Tennis On Campus News - and encourage your teammates to do the same!  The Tennis On Campus program uses this monthly  newsletter to communicate vital program information, exciting news articles, exclusive merchandise discounts, college club tennis tournament updates, and all other relevant information.  Register today and stay up-to-date with the Tennis On Campus program!
þ TennisOnCampus.com Profile
The Tennis On Campus program is proud of all of our College Club Tennis Teams.  If your team has a profile on our site, we need your updated information (i.e. team contact information, team picture, etc.) - please fill out the TennisOnCampus.com Team Profile Form with updated information.  If your team isn't yet represented on our site, all you have to do is fill out the TennisOnCampus.com Team Profile Form and we'll do the rest!
þ Free Resources
The Tennis On Campus program has several free resources available for college club tennis teams.  Whether you're looking to start a college club tennis team (Guidebook), market your club (Customizable Marketing Materials), fundraise (Fundraising Resources), or do anything else, our Resources will help you get the job done right!
þ TOC Section Coordinators
Do you know who your Tennis On Campus Section Coordinator is?  Have you reached out to them to update them on your team and the upcoming year?  Drop them a line today - you can find their contact information here.