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Missouri Valley Fall Invite 2012

While the pros were playing in Asia, the past weekend saw play much closer to home with the 2012 Missouri Valley Fall Tennis on Campus Invite! University of Oklahoma from MoValley Fall Invite

Sixteen teams from eight states descended upon the Plaza Tennis Center in Kansas City, MO.  There was plenty of great tennis as several schools outside of the Missouri Valley Section competed including the University of Arkansas, University of Colorado and University of Illinois. 

Teams were placed in four pools of four.  Winning teams from each pool were placed in the “Gold Bracket”, 2nd place teams from each pool were placed in the “Silver Bracket”, 3rd place teams from each pool were placed in the “Bronze Bracket”, and 4th place teams from each pool were placed in the “Copper Bracket.” Since each “bracket” played off for 3rd/4th, this guaranteed every team an additional match on Sunday, allowing every team in the event to play 5 team matches!

Full Tournament Results:University of Illinois from MoValley Fall Invite

Australian Open Flight
Round 1- Illinois def. Drake (29-15), Colorado (Black) def. Kansas (30-10)
Round 2- Illinois def. Kansas (30-4), Colorado (Black) def. Drake (26-16)
Round 3- Illinois def. Colorado (Black) (29-19), Kansas def. Drake (21-17)

French Open Flight
Round 1- Oklahoma def. Kansas State (30-7), Missouri State def. Missouri S&T (26-21)
Round 2- Oklahoma def. Missouri S&T (30-6), Missouri State def. Kansas State (21-15)
Round 3- Oklahoma def. Missouri State (28-8), Kansas State def. Missouri S&T (25-13)

Wimbledon Flight
Round 1- Colorado (Gold) def. Iowa State (30-13), Wash U def. Truman State (24-23)
Round 2- Colorado (Gold) def. Truman State (30-17), Wash U def. Iowa State (27-15)
Round 3- Colorado (Gold) def. Wash U (26-18), Iowa State def. Truman State (26-20)

US Open Flight
Round 1- Mizzou def. Nebraska (27-8), Arkansas def. Drury (28-12)
Round 2- Arkansas def. Nebraska (30-4), Mizzou def. Drury (25-15)
Round 3- Mizzou def. Arkansas (27-18), Nebraska def. Drury (24-23)

Gold Bracket
Semi-Finals: Oklahoma def. Mizzou (24-15), Illinois def. Colorado (Gold) (25-24)
3rd/4th: Mizzou def. Colorado (Gold) (28-18)
Finals: Oklahoma def. Illinois (29-22)

Silver Bracket
Semi-Finals: Wash U def. Missouri State (19-18), Arkansas def. Colorado (Black) (25-18)
3rd/4th: Colorado (Black) def. Missouri State (22-21)
Finals: Wash U def. Arkansas 27-25

Bronze Bracket
Semi-Finals: Kansas State def. Kansas (28-21), Iowa State def. Nebraska (30-10)
3rd/4th: Nebraska def. Kansas (20-17)
Finals: Kansas State def. Iowa State (26-18)

Copper Bracket
Semi-Finals: Drury def. Missouri S&T (19-18), Truman State def. Drake (26-15)
3rd/4th: Drake def. Missouri S&T (23-22)
Finals: Truman State def. Drury (30-7)

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