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2012 Northern/Missouri Valley Battle of the Sections

Battle lines were drawn between USTA Missouri Valley & USTA Northern at the 1st annual Battle of the Sections. This one day event at Drake University provided high level competition between four USTA Missouri Valley teams - Mizzou, Washington University, Iowa, Drake - and four USTA Northern teams - Minnesota, North Dakota State, South Dakota, Winona State. Teams faced off against all four teams from the opposing section and total games won by each team were placed on their respective section’s scoreboard! Without teams knowing it, total games won by each team were tracked in a secret contest with the winning team receiving a case of tennis balls! Once the competition was over, teams donated canned food items (Iowa Food Bank) so they could participate in a Wood Racquet tie-break tournament! It was a great event, fun was had by all and some great tennis was played!

Missouri Valley 370 total games2012 MoValley Northern BOS won. Northern 302 total games won.


1. Iowa - 102 Total Games Won
2. NDSU - 101 Total Games Won
3. Mizzou - 100 Total Games Won
4. Wash U - 90 Total Games Won
5. UMN - 82 Total Games Won
6. Drake - 78 Total Games Won
7. WSU - 65 Total Games Won
8. USD -  54 Total Games Won

Thanks to Nick Hays of USTA Missouri Valley & Brandon Jackson of USTA Northern for making this event the best it could be! Hopefully this will be the first of many!