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Cornell University Wins the 2013 USTA Battle of the Sections

2013 Battle of the Sections
Some of the participants in the 2013 Battle of the Sections pose on Court 11. 
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By: Shell Wood, USTA Mid-Atlantic

Only one week after Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams took home respective US Open titles, sixteen Tennis on Campus teams took to those same courts at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center  (BJKNTC) in New York to compete for their own title – Champion of the 7th Annual “Battle of the Sections – A Northeast Region Event.” 

The energy was high and the weather was cool on Day 1 of tournament play as participants and spectators entered the BJKNTC complex. Three rounds of Pool Play were scheduled, each Pool including one team from each of the four participating USTA Sections – USTA/Eastern, USTA/Middle States, USTA/New England, and USTA/Mid-Atlantic. By the end of the day four teams were advancing to the Gold bracket, all with 3-0 records, including Cornell University, Rutgers University, Boston College and Penn State University. The University of Virginia, the University of Pittsburg, George Washington University and Dartmouth College wrapped up Saturday with 2-1 records in their respective pools, advancing them to Silver bracket. The Bronze bracket consisted of Villanova University, Stony Brook University, Virginia Tech and Columbia University. Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Tufts University and Georgetown University rounded out the Copper bracket.

Day 2 of tournament play started out with sunny skies as the sixteen teams were back to determine winners of their respective brackets. After competitive morning matches, it was Cornell University that pulled out a 22-20 win over Boston College in the finals of the Gold Bracket and took home the Champions trophy.  For the Silver bracket, the University of Virginia barely took the win over Dartmouth College, 26-25, in a great all-around match. Stony Brook University, in one of their best performances yet at Battle of the Sections, defeated Virginia Tech 24-22 in the Bronze Bracket. University of Pennsylvania defeated 2011 Battle of the Sections Champions, Harvard University, 30-20 in the Copper Bracket.

Villanova University took home the Team Sportsmanship trophy for the weekend. Year after year Villanova brings a great energy to the Battle of the Sections, and also a great number of spectators out to the BJKNTC. Congratulations to Villanova on this award!

A unique aspect of this event, is the Section Champion award. Results are determined by each team’s results from the tournament based on their Section affiliation. USTA/Eastern is taking home this title for the first time in tournament history, having the best results overall from their four teams: Cornell University, Stony Brook University, Rutgers University and Columbia University. USTA/Eastern will be added to the Battle of the Sections tournament trophy and they will showcase it at their office until next year’s Section winner is determined. Congratulations USTA/Eastern!

We would like to thank the following people for their efforts in organizing and executing the tournament: Glenn Arrington & Kelly Goodhart (USTA Tennis on Campus), Sonia Sader (USTA/Eastern), Mary Wurtz (USTA/Middle States), Avi Parida (USTA/Mid-Atlantic), Shell Wood (USTA/MAS Virginia District), Sarah Rice (USTA/New England), Alyssa D’Souza (USTA BJKNTC), Debrose Andrews (Tournament Referee), and all the players who participated!

2013 Teams Represented:
Dartmouth College – USTA/New England
Boston College – USTA/New England
Tufts University – USTA/New England
Harvard University – USTA/New England
University of Pennsylvania – USTA/Middle States
University of Pittsburgh – USTA/Middle States
Villanova University – USTA/Middle States
Penn State University – USTA/Middle States
University of Virginia – USTA/Mid-Atlantic
Georgetown University – USTA/Mid-Atlantic
George Washington University – USTA/Mid-Atlantic
Virginia Tech – USTA/Mid-Atlantic
Stony Brook University – USTA/Eastern
Cornell University – USTA/Eastern
Rutgers University – USTA/Eastern
Columbia University– USTA/Eastern

Past Champions:
2007 – Penn State University (Team Winner), USTA/Mid-Atlantic (Section Winner)
2008 – Brown University (Team Winner), USTA/Middle States (Section Winner)
2009 – University of Virginia (Team Winner), USTA/Mid-Atlantic (Section Winner)
2010 – Penn State University (Team Winner), USTA/Mid-Atlantic (Section Winner)
2011 – Harvard University (Team Winner), USTA/New England (Section Winner)
2012 – University of Virginia (Team Winner), USTA/New England (Section Winner)
2013 – Cornell University (Team winner), USTA/Eastern (Section Winner)



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