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Q & A With 2013 Fall Invitational Defending Champions: The University of Florida

Florida Gators Defending Champs

Q:  What have you guys been up to during your summer break?

Our club has still been active, holding regular practices and encouraging new students to come out and play. Our self- proclaimed social chair Arnon Khantawang has hosted non tennis gatherings over the weekends for us all to spend some time together off-court. This summer has brought our group closer together more outside of the tennis court than on it. After a long year of tennis this summer has been a great time to hang out and have fun.

Q:  How are you preparing to defend your 2013 Fall Invitational title? 

We are looking to bring a great mix of seasoned veterans and new talent. Fortunately many of our star players are returning, including Adam Decker and Alex Peckham who are attending grad school.  That provides us with great on court leadership.

Q:  How many returning players are there from last year’s Championship team?  What tips are you giving to players new to the event?

The entirety of last year’s championship team is returning this year. However this year the country should be seeing a mix of old and new faces. Our club prides itself on our deep pool of talent and it makes our executive board's decisions very difficult when picking our traveling squad.

Q:  In what ways has your team improved since last year?

Our team has improved last year emotionally. We were always close as a group however our team chemistry has continued to grow. As a club we recognize the success we have had and are very passionate about continuing the tradition of excellence established by the teams before us.

Q:  Aside from winning, what was the team’s favorite memory from last year’s Fall Invitational?

After asking our traveling squad from last year the unanimous decision for their favorite memory seemed to be the dance competition that was held. It was a great way to see everyone's personality outside of the court.

Q:  What are you looking forward to most about attending this year’s event & travelling to Hilton Head?

Besides the well needed vacation in the middle of the fall semester, our team is looking at this years’ Fall Invitational to make a statement that the Gators are back again and ready to play. Tennis On Campus allows for a great opportunity to network and make friends, especially on the broader scale of the Fall Invitational. We cannot wait to see old friends and make new ones outside of our Florida group.

Q:  Please share a funny and / or inspirational story about your team or one of its members

It is no secret that our team got beaten pretty handily in the finals of nationals this year. Keeping dark humor in mind something that was really funny was that on the sidelines, spectators were making the effort to get us back in the match by chanting "I Believe.”  Despite the seeming impossible odds we appreciated the support and the good spirits of everyone watching. We laughed at that. We cried a little that night too but hey, go Gators.

The 2014 Tennis On Campus Fall Invitational will take place October 10-12 on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  Click here to register.