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Fall Invitational Team Spotlight: Clemson University

Clemson University for FI

We're counting down to the 2014 Tennis On Campus Fall Invitational, and will be shining the spotlight on participating teams.  Let's take a closer look at this team from the Southern Section that is usually clad in orange:  Clemson University.

Q:  What did you do over the summer to keep in shape?

A:  Most of us played tennis regularly.  Some members participate in the Insanity and Insanity: Asylum programs and are still continuing them through the school year.

Q:  What is your team looking forward to most in attending the 2014 USTA Tennis On Campus Fall Invitational?

A:  Playing different schools from all over country is always exciting and we always love being at Hilton Head.  We also have a bunch of players that are very excited to get a chance to play on some clay courts.

Q:  How does your team unwind after a day of matches? 

A:  We always enjoy spending a little time on the beach playing football, eating dinner all together, then relaxing in the pool.

Q:  How does your team exhibit school spirit?

A:  We’re always wearing orange (we especially love orange tennis shoes!)  and we make sure to do our team cheer/cadence count each morning before matches to get pumped and ready for a day of tennis.

Q:  Has anyone from your team opted out of playing Varsity tennis at your college/university to play for your Tennis On Campus club? If so, who and why?

A:  Yes, Jennifer Anderson was invited to walk-on to the Women’s team in 2012 as a sophomore.  She had already played club tennis her freshmen year at Clemson and decided that she enjoyed the atmosphere, competitiveness, and the close friends she had already found at Club Tennis and didn’t want to give that up. 

Q:  Please share a funny story with us.

A:  At a tournament last semester, our A and B team were playing in two different locations.  The B team was coming back to watch the A team finish out a match, however they only had one 5 seater car for the entire B team, which also had of the two tallest guys, both around 6’4’’, on our club team.  So they decided to cram all seven of them into one vehicle to make the trip.  The local law enforcement saw them, stopped them, and decided to make the driver get the registration and insurance information without any of the people getting out of the car or opening any doors, which was not going to happen.  After getting a laugh at their struggles, they kindly told them not to do it again, then took the two tallest guys and escorted them to the match in the back of the cop car.

Q:  What’s the one thing you’d want to share with people about your team?

A:  Our sense of family.  We’re not just a group of people that plays tennis together, we get dinner together,  we spend time with each other on the weekends and going to football games, and we play intramural sports together.  We try to emphasize the fact that we’re a close group of friends and we’re always looking to expand our club tennis.