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Fall Invitational Team Spotlight: Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech for FI Spotlight

We're counting down to the 2014 Tennis On Campus Fall Invitational, and will be shining the spotlight on participating teams.  Let's take a closer look at this team who likes to unwind with Mexican food:  Georgia Tech.

Q:  What did you do over the summer to keep in shape?

A:  We played on local USTA tennis teams and kept a club tennis group me where people posted whenever they wanted to hit!

Q:  What is your team looking forward to most in attending the 2014 USTA Tennis On Campus Fall Invitational?

A:  Visiting the beach and seeing friends that play on other club tennis teams that are coming!

Q:  How does your team unwind after a day of matches? 

A:  MEXICAN FOOD or Zaxbys.

Q:  How does your team exhibit school spirit?

A:  We like to code and do homework at club tennis events. And we buzzzz occasionally.

Q:  Has anyone from your team opted out of playing Varsity tennis at your college/university to play for your Tennis On Campus club?

A:  Nope, but the Varsity team at our school stole one of our Club players to play for them for a year when one of the varsity girls got injured. 

Q:  Please share a funny story with us.

A:  One time we were eating at a Mexican restaurant after a match and the meal came with a huge jalapeño pepper. One of our players is of Korean heritage and claimed that she could handle any level of hot foods. We dared her to eat the pepper, she did. At first her face was smiling saying “Its okay guys!!”. Slowly it transformed to one of pure discomfort and eventually pain. She ended up getting sick because of the pepper and we will never have peppers in GT club tennis again. Maybe it was more of a you had to be there story haha.

Q:  What’s the one thing you’d want to share with people about your team?

A:  We actually just did have the Technique, Georgia Tech’s newspaper, write a story about our team! We made sure to include our team goals for the semester which included making it to the National tournament again and continuing to facilitate a family and fun loving atmosphere for all club members.

Q: Are there any newsworthy, remarkable, or unusual stories about your team or any of your players?

A: Last year at Nationals, our mixed girls player popped her Achilles heel! It was an adventure toting her around in shopping carts and with piggy back rides until we could find some crutches. She became our number one fan and cheered us on to victory winning the Bronze bracket!