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Fall Invitational Team Spotlight: University of Georgia

University of Georgia for FI Spotlight

We're counting down to the 2014 Tennis On Campus Fall Invitational, and will be shining the spotlight on participating teams.  Let's take a closer look at the team that won the 2013 National Championship:  University of Georgia.

Q:  What did you do over the summer to keep in shape?

A:  Most of our players play in summer leagues just to keep up with tennis and general physical fitness.

Q:  What is your team looking forward to most in attending the 2014 USTA Tennis On Campus Fall Invitational?

A:  We are looking forward to making more memories.  Beyond that we certainly hope to qualify for Nationals and represent UGA well.

Q:  How does your team unwind after a day of matches? 

A:  We love to do big group dinners, usually at a Mexican restaurant. We also enjoy playing card games while we travel - in recent seasons we’ve become avid Cards Against Humanity Players.

Q:  How does your team exhibit school spirit?

A:  Our team is made up of some of the BIGGEST UGA sports fans!  Whether swimming, baseball, football or basketball, there is sure to be a UGA club tennis player at any home event.  In particular we enjoy supporting the UGA varsity Tennis team because coach Manny Diaz has been incredibly supportive of our program.  In addition, as is to be expected the most popular sport amongst the players is football. As always, GO DAWGS!

Q:  Did any members of your team play on the same high school tennis team or play against each other in high school?

A:  Yes.  Our Captain (Marissa Pulido) & Co-Captain (Graham McNerney) went to high school together and have been playing tennis together since they were 9 years old..

Q:  Please share a funny story with us.

A:  Last year at Auburn (the TOC Southern Championship) the team went behind Marissa’s back and told the restaurant we were having dinner & that it was her birthday (which it wasn’t).  One of the waiters ambushed her and smashed a ton of whipped cream in her face. The team was roaring in laughter while videotaping and taking pictures of the humiliation. The fact that we are all able to joke around and enjoy being together is one of the best parts about being on the UGA club team.

Q:  What’s the one thing you’d want to share with people about your team?

A:  Our team and organization has grown and improved so much over the past few years coming from not qualifying for nationals 2 years in a row to winning nationals, and coming in 4th the following year. In addition our team is very close and we all enjoy having team social events.

Q: Are there any newsworthy, remarkable, or unusual stories about your team or any of your players?

A:  We have such a wide variety of diverse and interesting players. The two most interesting are Meg Inscoe and Harris Blair. Meg is from Athens (home of UGA) and is the daughter of a professor. She played club tennis during her undergraduate years and then returned to UGA for grad school -  again joining the club team.  She helped lead the team to a first place finish at Nationals in 2013.  She is in her last year of club tennis eligibility.   Few other clubs have a player as familiar and experienced with the Tennis On Campus program as Meg. Additionally, Harris Blair is a story of hope and a love of tennis. Harris suffered from a brain aneurysm last year. The team stood beside him and prayed for his recovery. Following his recovery, he valiantly started for us at singles at the Southern Championships last year and continues to be an integral part of our team.