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Fall Invitational Team Spotlight: University of Dayton

University of Dayton for FI Spotlight

We're counting down to the 2014 Tennis On Campus Fall Invitational, and will be shining the spotlight on participating teams.  Let's take a closer look at the team that once drove 15 hours to a tournament only to find out it was cancelled: The Unviersity of Dayton.

Q:  Is this your team’s first time at the Fall Invitational? If no, how many times have you been?

A:  No.  This will be our fourth time attending.

Q:  What is your team looking forward to most in attending the 2014 USTA Tennis On Campus Fall

A:  We are looking forward to scrapping out quality wins, as well as meeting new teams from around the country and let’s not forget getting some time on the beach as well.

Q:  How does your team unwind after a day of matches? 

A:  We like to either chill in the pool, or we enjoy making each other laugh by doing absurd things or just simply watching a sporting event. But we also enjoy going out and having a good time because again we are from Dayton.

Q:  How does your team exhibit school spirit?

A:  This is not even a question because, being Dayton Flyers we bleed red and blue by having cool apparel to wear to matches as well as having own chants that we use in the court as well to support our school.

Q:  How does your team find new recruits?

A:  We find new recruits through an event called Up the Orgs, which is a convention of all the clubs at our school on one afternoon. 

Q:  Does your team conduct fundraising events?

A:  Yes.  We host barbeques as well as have bake sales and take overs.

Q:  Please share a funny story with us.

A:  So it was two years ago and our team was invited to play in a tournament down in Daytona Beach, Florida, and so we drove  15 hours from Dayton to Daytona only to find out that when we showed up at the court the next day that the tournament had been canceled. We of course were not told about this before we arrived so jour team got to chill in Daytona Beach for about three days just having fun on the beach and what not.

Q:  What’s the one thing you’d want to share with people about your team?

A:  Well if this ever happened they would have to include our scrappy nature both on and off the court, as well as how we all come from different places in the country.