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University of Colorado at Boulder

2016 Meet the Teams Colorado wide 769x349
Alison Lynch – Junior
Jack Greene – Senior
Colby Jimenez – Freshman
Christopher Sterling – Junior
Axel Hebrand – Freshman
Helen Hosse – Junior
Hannah Sherrod – Junior
Laura Wegleitner – Senior
Emily Mone – Sophomore

Teams defeated this season:
Colorado State University, Denver University, University of Northern Colorado, University of Nebraska, Colorado School of Mines, Utah State, Brigham Young University, Weber State, University of Wyoming, Northern Arizona University

Q: How did you first hear about the Tennis On Campus program? What made you decide to actively take part and also become a leader on your campus? How do you feel about TOC and being a captain? 

I first heard about Tennis On Campus after joining the club tennis team. I thought that it would be a good way to take leadership in something that I am very passionate about. I want to help people grow in their love for the sport. I really enjoy Tennis On Campus because I think it is a great opportunity to play different teams across the country and build stronger relationships with other players and teammates.

Q: How did you enjoy your National Championships experience last year?

I really enjoyed the experience from last year. I enjoyed the structure and organization, plus it was fun to play against different teams that we normally wouldn’t get the chance to.

Q: What does it mean to be back? Was it a more difficult road to return to Nationals?

To be back at Nationals is such an excitement. It shows that our team’s hard work has paid off and that we have great potential. I think it has been more difficult for us to return to Nationals because we lost some great players, however we also have gained some in return.

Q: In what ways has your team improved this year?

I think our team has learned from past mistakes and so we have really made an effort to work on our weaknesses and embrace our strengths.

Q: What do you tell new players about Nationals, or players that are traveling for the first time to compete for your school?

I think one of the most important things to emphasize to new players is to enjoy the experience of Nationals. Of course it is important to play our best but it is also a privilege and an experience in itself to be able to go to Nationals.

Q: Who was your toughest opponent at past Nationals and how did they challenge you to become better?

I think our toughest competitor was Harvard. By playing Harvard, it challenged us to fight throughout every match and to be more supportive of each other as the player talent level increases.

Q: Does your team actively use social media to stay connected? If so, what social media platforms are your favorites? Does your team use social media in any special way that you feel set you apart from other teams? 

Yes, our team uses all three of the major social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) to stay connected. For our team, Facebook would be our favorite because we have a bigger fan group and we are able to connect more with player’s parents and family. We have a very strong connection with our school media, so whenever we have a tournament or a match, they like to share our progress with all of the University.

Q: Do you have many seniors on your team? Do you think they know about opportunities after graduation like “Sets in the City” or young adult social leagues? Do you think anyone on your team would be interested in starting one?

Yes, we have a few seniors. Our seniors are familiar with young adult social leagues. I am sure they would be interested in learning more about “Sets in the City.”

Share with us some of the ways you help out in the local and global communities in the name of tennis.

Every fall we volunteer for our coach’s company by going to the streets and teaching children tennis at our community fall festival.

Share with us a funny story about the 2015 team or team member(s).

There is a member on our team who really enjoys taking on spicy wing challenges. At one of the tournaments we went to, our whole team went out to dinner after our matches. The player, Glenn, decided he wanted to take on the restaurant’s challenge of finishing the spiciest wings they had to offer. Well it turns out he was able to do so. He was dripping with sweat and basically crying because it was so hot. It was very impressive and courageous.

If a local newspaper was to write a story about your team what is the one thing you’d want to make sure they included? 

If the newspaper were to write one thing about our team, I would want them to emphasize how close our team really is. Instead of just being a team that practices together, we are a community of friends that enjoy hanging out with each other outside of tennis.