USTA Mid-Atlantic Tennis On Campus Series

The USTA Mid-Atlantic Tennis On Campus Series represents 29 unique college club tennis teams in the USTA Mid-Atlantic Section, including the states of Virginia, West Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland. Teams may participate in all series tournaments held throughout the fall. Points are accumulated throughout the series based on a team's results in each of the tournaments. These points are used to rank teams within the Mid-Atlantic Section, which is used to seed teams participating at the USTA Tennis On Campus Mid-Atlantic Championship in the fall. All tournaments in the series use the World TeamTennis format and are hosted by teams within the USTA Mid-Atlantic Section.

Season Length: September - April
Contact: Erica Gratton at 703-556-6120 x7038,


Mid-Atlantic Champs

   2020  Championship not run

Virginia Cavaliers Logo 

 2019  University of Virginia

Virginia Cavaliers Logo

2018   University of Virginia


 2017  Virginia Tech
Maryland Terrapin Logo
2016 University of Maryland - College Park
Maryland Terrapin Logo
2015 University of Maryland - College Park
Virginia Cavaliers Logo
2014 University of Virginia
2013 Virginia Tech
Virginia Cavaliers Logo
2012 University of Virginia
Virginia Cavaliers Logo
2011 University of Virginia
Maryland Terrapin Logo
2010 University of Maryland - College Park
2009 Virginia Tech
2008 Georgetown University
Virginia Cavaliers Logo
2007 University of Virginia
2006 Virginia Tech

The TOC Experience

Tennis on Campus

"Tennis on Campus has made my college experience unique in so many different ways. Not only have I gotten to compete against tennis players from across the Mid-Atlantic section, but I can honestly say that I have met some of my closest friends through club tennis as well.


The program redefines what it can mean to be a college athlete. I still get to play the sport I love at a high level, yet within a relaxed environment that provides a much-needed outlet from stressful college academics."

-Charlotte Rhoad, George Washington University


2021 Fall Schedule


Fall 2021 schedule coming soon 





After Graduation

“When I became Club Tennis President at West Virginia University, I never expected to have so many skills translate to my current job as a local traffic engineer. I learned how to communicate with my teammates, manage different personalities and stay organized throughout my time with WVU club tennis.

I joined the team to have fun and continue playing tennis throughout college – which I certainly did – but I never expected it to help me land a job and develop skills that have translating to my career.”

-Michael White, Class of 2017