USTA Texas Tennis On Campus Series

USTA Texas has created the Texas Tennis On Campus Series, which is comprised of multiple, one-day events throughout Texas. The series events use the fun and interactive World Team Tennis format - using coed teams with a minimum of four players (2 men and 2 women). Colleges can attend as many of these events as they desire. Depending on court availability, each team is guaranteed 3 matches at each series event. The results from the series events assist in seeding at the USTA Tennis On Campus Texas Championship.

Season Length: September - February
CONTACT: Allison Pavlansky  at (512) 433-1334 ext. 208



TOC Pre Season Checklist

Eligibility and Rules

WTT Rules & Scorecard

NTRP Guidelines

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Texas Champions

2020 University of Texas - Austin
2019 University of Texas - Austin
2018 Texas A&M University
2017 Texas A&M University
UTAustin 2016 University of Texas - Austin
TexasAMCollegeStation 2015 Texas A&M University
TexasAMCollegeStation 2014 Texas A&M University
UTAustin 2013 University of Texas - Austin
TexasAMCollegeStation 2012 Texas A&M University
TexasAMCollegeStation 2011 Texas A&M University
UTAustin 2010 University of Texas - Austin
TexasAMCollegeStation 2009 Texas A&M University
TexasAMCollegeStation 2008 Texas A&M University

Featured Athlete

Kavita Kantamneni, Baylor TOC President



1. What is your favorite thing about TOC?

My favorite thing about TOC is all of the tournaments we get to play throughout the year. I loved playing in tournaments before college, so I am thankful that I still have the opportunity to compete with a team.

2. What will you remember most about TOC once you have graduated?

I will remember the people that I met through the club and all of the fun road trips. There is something special about being part of a team that brings people close together and fosters friendships for life.
3. How do you like being a club president? What is fun/challenging about it?
I love being able to serve my team through my role as president in any way that I can. I have enjoyed my time as a member, and want to do whatever I can to give back to my fellow teammates and future members. I love "serving" my members and "serving" aces!
4. What would you say to incoming freshman about TOC? 
I would tell them that they should not be afraid to get involved! I've thoroughly enjoyed my time with TOC. If I could do college over again, one thing I would not change is my decision to be involved with TOC.

Texas Schedule

Texas Events 2022  


The Experience

 Joseph Walters 

Overall, my experience with Tennis on Campus was a very memorable one because it gave me an opportunity to meet new people who shared a love for tennis and a number of those same people became some of my good friends. These relationships were fostered from getting together for practices, traveling all over Texas to compete against a variety of opponents, and having an array of club socials that included ping pong tournaments and Intramural basketball teams.

The format for TOC was World Team Tennis rules which gave the matches an added thrill and excitement as the matches are quick and intense and every game counts for your team. These sorts of lasting memories is why I would rate my TOC experience as great and I would encourage others who are interested in TOC to reach out and give it a shot. - Joseph Walters, UT '17