USTA Texas Tennis On Campus Series

USTA Texas has created the Texas Tennis On Campus Series, which is comprised of six, one-day events throughout Texas. The series events use the fun and interactive World Team Tennis format - using coed teams with a minimum of four players (2 men and 2 women). Colleges can attend as many of these events as they desire. Depending on court availability, each team is guaranteed 3 matches at each series event. The results from the series events assist in seeding at the USTA Tennis On Campus Texas Championship.

Season Length: September - February
CONTACT: Christine Watson  at (512) 659-4493
Sponsored by: Whataburger

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TOC Pre Season Checklist

Eligibility and Rules

WTT Rules & Scorecard

NTRP Guidelines

TOC Grant Application

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Texas Champions

2019 University of Texas - Austin
2018 Texas A&M University
2017 Texas A&M University
UTAustin 2016 University of Texas - Austin
TexasAMCollegeStation 2015 Texas A&M University
TexasAMCollegeStation 2014 Texas A&M University
UTAustin 2013 University of Texas - Austin
TexasAMCollegeStation 2012 Texas A&M University
TexasAMCollegeStation 2011 Texas A&M University
UTAustin 2010 University of Texas - Austin
TexasAMCollegeStation 2009 Texas A&M University
TexasAMCollegeStation 2008 Texas A&M University

Featured Athlete

Ena Cusi

Ena CusiEna Cusi’s leadership and abilities as a student leader has garnered a great deal of attention was recruited to be an officer on the Student Activities Board and asked to be an officer on the Students Government Association. She currently serves those leadership positions while being the team captain and president of the tennis team. The running joke is that because Ena is so good at her position on the tennis team, the other clubs all want her to be their officer.  

Ena is available at every event the tennis team participates in on campus and off campus. She pushes herself to every practice despite her working for the other clubs. On top of this, she maintains a 4.0 GPA and regularly goes to the gym and bring other players on the team with her.  

Beyond the abilities and tangible elements she provides to the team, she is also invaluable for personality and connection to the members on the team. As a leader, Ena often leads by example and tells others what to do and what needs to be done. Even new people who come to the courts can immediately pick up that she is a person of leadership on the team. She has a friendly demeanor and is able to befriend or talk to anyone which is instrumental in getting the team to run as a group of motivated players.  

The Falcons often count on and trust Ena for information about campus events and social activities. She makes sure people show up to service events, campus events and make sure people are ready during the week so we can be ready to go on Saturdays for matches. She also learned how to string racquets and the one who string for players and often will stay up to make sure her teammates have racquets ready for matches.  

Ena’s popularity on campus has equality benefitted the tennis team, as people come out during tournaments on campus to watch the team play and bringing a Falcons’ cheering section. She has rallied others to believe in the tennis team and has been a positive influence on campus and for the team.

2018-19 Schedule



September 22, 2018

Cancelled due to weather


San Antonio

September 29, 2018

McFarlin Tennis Center and Blossom Tennis Center


TAMU-Corpus Christi Club Event

October 13, 2018



October 20, 2018

UT Whitaker Tennis Center and Austin Tennis Center



October 27, 2018

Waco Regional Tennis Center and McLennan Community College



November 10, 2018

UT-Arlington, Arlington Tennis Center and the Martin High School



November 17, 2018

University of North Texas- Denton, TX



January 19, 2019



SMU Club Event- Dallas

January 27, 2019 (Sunday)

Southern Methodist University


Texas Championship

February 15-17, 2019

UT Whitaker Tennis Center and Austin Tennis Center


Tennis on Campus National Championship

April 2019

USTA National Campus in Orlando, Florida

The Experience

 Joseph Walters 

Overall, my experience with Tennis on Campus was a very memorable one because it gave me an opportunity to meet new people who shared a love for tennis and a number of those same people became some of my good friends. These relationships were fostered from getting together for practices, traveling all over Texas to compete against a variety of opponents, and having an array of club socials that included ping pong tournaments and Intramural basketball teams.

The format for TOC was World Team Tennis rules which gave the matches an added thrill and excitement as the matches are quick and intense and every game counts for your team. These sorts of lasting memories is why I would rate my TOC experience as great and I would encourage others who are interested in TOC to reach out and give it a shot. - Joseph Walters, UT '17