USTA Midwest Tennis On Campus League

USTA MidwestThe Midwest Tennis On Campus League has been in existence and growing since 2002. Teams submit weekend dates that are open for home and/or away play and Steve Wise makes the schedule for each semester based on availability. Formats are generally tri or quad matches, so there is a great deal of play for everyone. The scoring is up to the home teams based on court availability, but the matches that are counted are men’s/women’s doubles/singles and mixed (5 matches). Extra matches are encouraged.

Play is mainly indoor but there is time for outdoor play in the early fall and late spring. The Midwest Tennis On Campus League has grown to 55+ teams, so the 5-state league has been divided into two conferences - an east and a west conference. There will be non-conference play offered and of course, the Badger Classic tournament in the fall.

SEASON LENGTH: September - May
CONTACT: Steve Wise at (262) 334-3601




Midwest Champions

WISC  2018  University of Wisconsin
 2017  University of Michigan
 2016  University of Michigan
 2015  University of Wisconsin
 2014  University of Michigan
 2013  University of Michigan
 2012  University of Wisconsin
 2011  University of Michigan
 2010  University of Michigan
 2009  University of Wisconsin
 2008  University of Wisconsin
 2007  University of Wisconsin
 2006  University of Michigan
WISC  2005  University of Wisconsin
 2004  University of Michigan
 2003  University of Michigan
 2002   University of Michigan

Important Docs

Steps to Create New/Returning Program
  1. Read Rules/Policies for the Midwest Tennis On Campus League. Please share with your club officers and team members.
  2. Complete the Tennis On Campus League Application, especially your dates for home and away matches.  
  3. Submit the TOC Roster Sheet for your team by September 30, 2018.

USTA Midwest TOC Resources

  1. Midwest TOC Rules & Regulations
  2. Midwest TOC Championship Information
  3. Tennis on Campus Grants
  4. Midwest Tennis on Campus FAQs
  5. TOC Scorecard
  6. Tennis on Campus Membership Promotion
  7. Tennis on Campus to League Promotion
    (Midwest TOC Players only)
  8. Tennis on Campus Captain's Incentive
    (Midwest TOC Captains only)


2018 Schedule

The Experience

Jessica Rink - TOC Alumnus I can't imagine going through college without Tennis On Campus.  When I was trying to decide between playing at a smaller college like Dayton or attending a large Big 10 college like Purdue, I was so torn.  Tennis was my life all throughout high school, but my dream was to go to Purdue.  Luckily, I found out Purdue had a club tennis team....little did I know playing club tennis was going to be the best decision I made in college. 


For starters, TOC is pure fun.  I was able to casually practice a few days a week, which allowed me to keep my classes as a priority.  At the same time, TOC was very competitive.  We traveled almost every other weekend to both big and small colleges in the Midwest, most of which I had never seen before!  Even though we were all competitive, it was so fun going to dinner with opposing teams and hanging out with them once the tournament ended.  I have a good feeling most college sports don't hang out with the opposing teams!   To this day, I still stay in contact with so many amazing people I met through Tennis On Campus, not only at Purdue but other schools as well.  


My situation may not apply to everyone, but TOC taught me how to be organized, budget, plan, and manage large groups of people.  I was president of Purdue's team for 3 years and I learned more "real world" lessons during my presidency than any other part of college.  


USTA does a great job teaming up with TOC by providing teams with grants, thus allowing travel and large tournaments.  For any high schooler trying to decide between playing a sport and going to a big school, TOC is the perfect combination of both!


— Jessica Rink, Purdue Alumna