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Steven Azeka - California Polytechnic State University Club Tennis Team
Steven Azeka - California Polytechnic State University Club Tennis Team

Steven Azeka is currently a 5th year undergraduate electrical engineer doing additional graduate work in education.  He works at a local elementary school during the year and spends his summers working with Teach for America.  The California Polytechnic State University Club Tennis Team was established in 2007 and officially joined the Tennis on Campus program in 2008.  Steven has been the club president for the last couple of years and enjoys the company of several dedicated club members.  The Cal Poly Club Tennis Team has a variety of different tennis programs including an organized team league.  Over the last year Steven has had the honor of meeting many other Tennis on Campus leaders and is looking forward to meeting many more at the 2009 USTA National Campus Championship.  Check out Steven's blog!

4/26/2009, Day 2  This was by far our longest day!  Early in the morning while eating breakfast we took a look at the draw.  We found out that if we won both of our matches in the bronze draw we would only have two matches that day.  Click here to keep reading...
William Haselbauer - UniversIty of Tennessee Club Tennis Team
William Haselbauer - University of Tennessee Club Tennis Team

William Haselbauer is the President of the University of Tennessee Club Tennis Team and is in his final year of graduate school studying plant sciences.  This is their first full year for their club.  Before beginning his graduate studies at Tennessee, he was the President of the University of Minnesota Club Tennis Team where he completed his undergraduate degree.  The University of Tennessee Tennis Club is open to all students who have an interest in tennis.  From just 10 members in spring of 2008 to nearly 50 members now, the Tennis Club has seen tremendous growth in the past year.  The Club consists of a competitive and practice team.  The competitive players are involved with the practice team in that they run the practice team practices.  This helps bridge the gap between the two teams.  In addition to our time spent on the court, they also have gatherings off the court to build an even more unified team.  After a great first year, they are looking forward to next year by expanding their club, match schedule, event schedule, and even plan to host a major college club tennis tournament.  Check out William's blog!

4/18/2009, Arizona Sun  Hey all.  Things are going great here in Arizona.  The weather has been awesome and Surprise has a great tennis complex.  Our first match on the second day was against South Florida and it came down to a Supertiebreaker.  Click here to keep reading...
Caroline Koch - Virginia Tech University Club Tennis Team
Caroline Koch - Virginia Tech Club Tennis Team

Caroline Koch is currently a sophomore undergraduate Hospitality and Tourism Management major with a concentration in Event Management at Virginia Tech.  She is the women's president for Virginia Tech Club Tennis Team and aspires to work for the USTA.  She currently has an internship with USTA New England for the Summer of 2009.  The Virginia Tech Club Tennis Team was established in 2002 and has separately run men’s and women’s teams.  The VT Club Tennis Team practices 4-5 times a week and competes at least two weekends a month.  They have traveled up and down the east coast ranging from New York to Georgia and will travel to Arizona for the 2009 USTA National Campus Championship this year.  This year they are hosting the First Annual Hokie Classic Championship which attracted around 12 schools.  The VT Club Tennis Team is looking to expand the schools that they travel to next year and would like to host a tournament in the fall and in the spring.  Check out Caroline's blog!

4/6/2009, VT Tournament  This weekend our team hosted our very first tournament.  Overall, it went very smoothly.  However, it did take a lot of work behind the scenes to make it a successful tournament.  Click here to keep reading...
Evan Smith - Arizona State University Club Tennis Team
Evan Smith - Arizona State University Club Tennis Team

Evan Smith is a Junior, and is the President of the Arizona State University Club Tennis Team.  His hometown is Pasadena, California, and he loves sports in general, but has a great passion for tennis.  The ASU Club Tennis Team started in October of 2007, and holds practices three times a week - and if they're really motivated, sometimes the club practices on the weekends.  The ASU Club has a lot planned for next year, mainly though hosting a tournament to help spread Tennis On campus throughout the USTA Southwest.  Their club thinks of themselves as students trying to rejuvenate the love of tennis at ASU, after our sudden lost of the ASU men's varsity tennis team.  It seems like after that happened, we have more and more people coming out to play tennis.  Check out Evan's blog!

4/16/2009, Tough First Day  This day was a crazy day for the ASU Club Tennis Team.  The day started with us being technically the host school of the tournament, with our campus being 40 minutess away, and somehow we still managed not to have a full team to start our first match, so not the best way to start out.  Click here to keep reading...